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Relax and enjoy life.

When clients come to Heidi Davis, CFP, they are often stressed out, anxious, and looking for hope. “They’re busy working and caring for their families, and they don’t have time to research the complexities of 401ks, IRAs, stock options, and college savings plans,” Davis says.

Heidi Davis

“Meanwhile, they’re concerned they haven’t saved enough money for retirement.” That’s when Davis, who earned her MBA from Northeastern University, teams up with her clients to brainstorm creative ideas based on state-of-the-art financial information. Working together as a team, they agree on goals that are doable and realistic. Once the financial plan is in place, the tension leaves her clients’ faces.

“They can finally relax and enjoy their lives,” she says. “They can take flight and soar.”

Davis believes that all costs should be transparent. Whether she is recommending investments, guiding you on how to sell stock options, or helping you cost effectively withdraw money in retirement, all costs will be clear from the start. You walk away with a clear mind, prepared for the next step in your life.


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